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Toledo Brake Piston Wind Back Kit P# NBP003

• Professional trade kit suitable for both right and left handed application • Pneumatic operation allows for easy wind back to return brake calliper piston to the resting position during removal, installation or service repairs to the disc brake pads • Air operated ram applies pressure to the calliper position while the handle is rotated by hand • Suitable for use on both wind back and push back pistons • Supplied with 14 adaptors to suit various vehicle applications


OTC Digital Brake Fluid Tester

Catch bad brake fluid before it destroys calipers and other brake system components. Tester determines quality of brake fluid. Capable of testing DOT 3 and DOT 4, with high accuracy.


New 40pcs Brake Caliper Piston Auto Wind Back Car Tool Kit Repair Tool With Case

This brake caliper wind back kit contains all tools required for brake pads replacement. It is compatible with almost all types of vehicles. Supplied with left and right handed thrust bolts, this tool kit allows you to rotate the pistons back into the caliper providing clearance for new brake pads. At the same time, it will keep the gasket free from damage. This tool kit is crafted by hardened and tempered carbon steel, ensuring its maximum durability for years of use. All tools are well store


Heavy duty Brake caliper Wind Back Tool

Designed for brake calipers with a right hand threaded piston , Heavy duty quality designed for use again and again.


Draper Expert 12086 16 Piece Pneumatic Brake Piston Wind Back Tool Kit

Expert Quality, pneumatic winder allows left and right handed winding for easy return of the brake piston into the calliper to provide clearance for new brake pads. Manufactured from aluminium with black anodized finish and standard 1/4" air inlet adaptor. 15 adaptor plates fit most popular vehicles. Packed in blow mould storage carrying case with display sleeve. Display packed.


Brake Hose Clamps (set x5)

• 4pc Fluid Line Clamp Fuel Vacuum Transmission Coolant Brake Hose • Clamps clamper • Conveniently pinch off fuel, • Vacuum, transmission, brake, • Heater lines and more • Clamps are anodized in red • Postage $8.40


Bergen 35PC BRAKE WIND BACK SET brake rewind calliper Piston A6169

• This tool set enables the rewinding of pistons back into the core on most disc brake callipers. Allows you to service and replace worn brake pads. Includes both right-hand and left-hand threaded rewind tools. • Master set of adaptors for a wide range of vehicle applications. • Suitable for push back and wind back pistons.


Air Operated Brake Bleeding Kit

Allows “true” one man brake bleeding 500ml reservoir equipped with overfill check valve, quick release locking trigger. The Auto fill brake fluid refiller automatically fills brake fluid reservoir during bleeding which eliminates spills onto paint work.


8pcs Professional Brake Tool Set by Radum

Includes: Spring compressor Brake Spring Installer Spring Removal Tool Brake Retaining Spring Brake Spring Pliers Two brake adjustment spoons Mini adjustment spoon



BRAKERITE along with sister Company AAA Brake & Mechanical can supply any brake part for any car.

We can also manufacture Clutch & Hand Brake cables in house to suit every make and model.

We are able to re-kit and/or re-sleeve Master Cylinders, Brake Boosters, Wheel Cylinders and Calipers.

We also manufacture all types of Brake Hoses (Braided & Rubber) and brake lines in house for any vehicle out there – from very old vehicles to new models.

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