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Brake rite-Parts specialised in brembo clutch brakes australia rotorsbrembo clutch brakes australia rotors

Brake rite-parts brembo clutch brakes australia rotors sell brake upgrade kits that are superior quality at an economical and competitive prices. Increase your braking performance – experience a safer and better braking system however, keep in mind that your factory brakes were specified to go with the factory power your car came with.

Brakerite’s proprietor Tony Lloyd has been in the brake business for over 30 years. Owner operator of another successful business, AAA Brake & Mechanical in Kelmscott, Tony’s knowledge in the brake industry is extensive.

With this affordability in mind, anyone can now upgrade their braking system and improve their car’s braking performance. Details of our extensive range of Brake Upgrade Kits is only a click away. Tony is now branching out into brembo clutch brakes australia rotors to give the customer a better choice, range and price. Please email us to find out more information and one of our Specialists will be happy to answer any queries.

Enhance your vehicles braking performance! Contact Brake rite-parts brembo clutch brakes australia rotors at 0428 495 316 for more information and get free quote.

Professionals brake upgraded services brembo clutch brakes australia rotors

Brake rite-parts brembo clutch brakes australia rotors brake upgrades Australia kit includes calipers, pistons, hats, street or racing pads, bolts, brackets and stainless steel lines. the calipers are availabe in a wide range of colours and hats come in black or also colours to match the calipers. (anodised or painted).

Brake rite-parts brembo clutch brakes australia rotors know everyone now can afford to enhance their vehicles braking performance, all for a price considerably lower than most aftermarket kits. Brake-rite: brake packages is the ultimate upgrade for your braking system, allowing for maximum stopping power and improved safety.


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